Hello everyone,

Several years ago, while serving in the U.S. Marine Corps, I was injured and diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis which is irritation and swelling of the thick tissue on the bottom of the foot. I experienced this on both feet. I was told on numerous occasions by my doctors to get rest and stay off my feet as much as possible. Needless to say I was an active duty marine!!! So me being me, thought the doctor didn’t know what he was talking about and kept doing what was expected of me. This led to further complications. The doctors were forced to put me on a treatment of cortisone, which is a form of steroids. At the time I was having problems with my uterus so my gynecologists had me on a hormone therapy. When steroids meet hormones the result is rapid weight gain. My body changed before my eyes in a matter of weeks but I had to stay on it for the duration. In a manner of months I experienced a 100-pounds weight gain. As you can imagine, I slipped into a deep depression. With all the stresses that I was dealing with at that time, which was a lot, I began to shut myself off from the world even more. The relationship that I was in ended due to my weight gain, I couldn’t fit any of my clothes or uniforms, and the Marine Corps went livid. I began to exercise at the gym 3 times a day…morning, noon and night and it helped some but not enough. Because of the hormonal treatments the doctors discovered cancerous tumors in my breast, but thanks to God the doctors caught it early and caught it all. After surgery my doctors switched my medicine and told me to stop all weight training. Sadly this ended my journey into fitness.

A couple of years ago, after other surgeries and therapies I was finally released from all the (injections) medicine I was taking. The doctors told me that due to all the medicine (high dosages) I was taking it would be next to impossible to lose all the weight that I gained by eating healthy and exercise alone. I guess they just didn’t know my GOD. Some people may not believe in Him but in my life He is all I have. I won’t force Him on you but I will say He is full of surprises! I tried working out for a year and I had a trainer. After a year of being on his program I hadn’t lost a pound and if you know anything about Krav Maga you would know the training  sessions weren’t a joke. It was due to the (pills)meds I was still taking one week out of a month. The medicine helped me deal with my CPS (Chronic Pain Syndrome). I was discouraged and believed that I would be overweight for the rest of my life unless I had another surgery. I refused to have another surgery. I spent the next year falling in love with who I was. In my mind it didn’t matter anymore. I was going to pursue dreams that were dormant because I thought I wasn’t good enough, because I wasn’t beautiful by “industry standards” but I woke up one morning knowing that I was fearfully and wonderfully created!!! After starting BBOM, I decided I wanted to get me together for me. I made sure my life and the lives of others around me would began to know that nothing was impossible to achieve. EVERYTHING STARTED TO COME TOGETHER.

In September of 2010 I made a vow that by this time next year I would reach my goal in fitness. I want to be a size 6 – 8 again, technically whatever size I am comfortale staying with. I wrote out my goals and here’s my journey:

September 1 – 7 :

Got off of all the medications and yes my doctors were livid. Clean out refrigerator. Get Calorie Counter App on iPhone. Go grocery shopping and stack fridge with plenty of veggies, fruit, lean meats, eggs, whole grain bread and rice. Buy a weight scale and measuring tape. Start eating right. STARTING WEIGHT – 277lbs!!! OMG – Are you kidding me? Nope. Let’s lay aside the weight.  I went to my friend’s b-day dinner at Sake Cafe Japanese Sushi and Cuisine. I couldn’t eat any rice. That sucked. That warm mushroom and spinach salad was good. I had sushi and I replaced the rice with seaweed. Yummy, but not the same. I felt like Simba on the Lion King when he ate that slug…..”slimy yet satisfying”

September 8 – 11: Write out my workout plan for the month of September, THANK YOU LL COOL J FOR PLATINUM WORKOUTS. Write out my food plan a day in advance. Be prepared to weigh myself once a week on Saturdays and measure my inches once a month.  Key areas: Waist, Hips & Bust. Lose 2 pounds per week and 8 pounds each month. CURRENT WEIGHT – 273lbs.

September 12 – 18:

Went through LL Cool J’s Platinum Workout book and started following his program. Man this is not easy and I am  feeling the pain. I’m also feeling the hunger. Before I started doing this I was never hungry and I ate once maybe twice a day. Now I eat 3 times a day with snacks in between. Now I’m hungry and I have to use the bathroom all day long. I work nights so I am little off. I don’t like pills so I can’t commit to vitamins. Now I know some of you are thinking that I should try the vitamins. But the I know me. I have 3 bottles of megavitamins sitting on my dresser and I have only used it twice. CURRENT WEIGHT – 269lbs. I am excited.

September 19 – 25:

Going strong!!! I am cooking all my food. My mom loves it because she doesn’t really have to cook anymore. I grill, broil, boil, steam, and bake!!! I haven’t touched my deep fryer all month long and I must say I miss my fried trout, catfish, shrimp and oohhhhh yeessss FRIED OYSTERS!!! But I have a goal so baked tilapia and steamed green beans here I come. For breakfast I eat my boiled eggs. I picked up a workout buddy this week. All we do is walk but it’s something. CURRENT WEIGHT – 262lbs

September 26 – October 2:

EGGS, EGGS, EGGS!!! I can eat these all day, every day in any style. I love this LL book. I do my cardio everyday and my circuit weight training every other day. This month I should be moving to split training. CURRENT WEIGHT – 263lbs. OK SO WHAT IS THIS??? I don’t know but my body fat dropped 4%!!!

October 3 – 9:

I hate split training. I hate this total gym even more. This month I will be eating out every weekend for parties. I’ve cheated but hey I cheat once a week. I don’t cheat big but I my body needs this so hey who am I say no….CURRENT WEIGHT – 258lbs

October 10 – 16:

My cardio partner is injured so I am on my own. I continue to bring my (Horse) Diva with me on walks. It’s amazing how tugging a 80lbs dog around the neighborhood and dragging her from all the other barking dogs can affect your workout. CURRENT WEIGHT – 253lbs

October 17 – 23 :

I pulled a muscle on Sunday in my back so I am out of the game for a minute. I guess Reggie Bush can relate. This sucks but I won’t let it keep me down. I guess I have to eat to live. CURRENT WEIGHT – 247lbs.

October 29th:

Today I wrote this blog to show everyone that I have challenges too. I am going to stay up on this thing until I conquer it. My uniform is too big for me now!!! Most of my clothes are not appealing because they are too big. I bought a few things that I need but I won’t buy real clothes until these fall off. My birthday is next week and I would love to be under 240 by then. I am getting back on the grind. I am settling in to my weight loss now. 3 maybe 4 pounds max every week. The more weight I lose the less weight I will begin to lose. CURRENT WEIGHT – 242lbs!!!

November 12th:

Goodmorning everyone. I am going to keep it short today. The scale never lies. CURRENT WEIGHT – 240lbs!!! I know 2 pounds in 2 weeks. Did I mention my birthday was last Friday. I get a pass!!! I ate alot of carbs. Especially that birthday cake that was really really good!!! I am in to win it people let me know how you all are doing!!!!

February 4th 2011:

Hey everyone!!! It’s been a minute. Sad to say I haven’t been losing that much weight. Too much going, from my Sis being in town and the holidays. But all is well. I am back and ready to do what needs to be done. Let me know if you are with me by sending me some love. CURRENT WEIGHT —- HOLD UP, CUT ME SOME SLACK—— ARE YOU READY FOR THIS—–238LBS!!! But I am not quitting!!!


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